When making wines for the Sixty40 Sweet Red, the aim is to introduce an element of softness and accessibility to the wines.  Cool, slow fermentation is essential to extract fruit flavours from the grapes, resulting in layers of clean fresh fruit and soft, ripe tannins.

After fermentation, the wine was left on the skins for one week, to ensure a softening of compounds, leading to an elegant smoothness on the palate.



This easy-drinking sweet red blend, consisting of Pinotage and Shiraz shows ripe red berry and strawberry flavours, with a light-bodied ripe fruitiness on the palate. Delicious with casual meals and party snacks. This light-bodied wine was made in a low alcohol sweet style for early enjoyment


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The Sixty40 range offers easy-drinking wines that showcases Boland Cellar’s blending skill and experience.

The wines are fresh and fruit-driven with softer tannins, resulting in popular wines which are ideally suited for everyday enjoyment.


Vineyards are situated around the Paarl region with varying climatic zones where grapes were selected for the Sixty40 Sweet Red Blend.

The grapes were selected from two different areas in Paarl, namely the Paardeberg and the cooler coastal area around Philadelphia.

The grapes ripened at different times, illustrating the diversity of temperature between the two areas.